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Andrew Yeh Talking

         Professor Andrew Yeh has Cornell University Electrical Engineering and Mechanical degrees, with the U.S. AIP Internet Company battlefield experience halo. In only three years, he became a minor celebrity in the field of MEMS in Taiwan, and now has nearly 20 well-trained students whose research field in optical MEMS and RF MEMS leading the world. Teacher influence us not only in academic and research, but also in the life attitude and the way of dealing with people. Teacher humorous conversation contains many scientific enlightenment and wisdom. In my best memories are the discussion with teacher in almost no closing laboratory and found that I am so ignorant, but then I can find achievements in debate with peers. Under the teacher leadership , we do our best efforts to complete the impossible task, that make us feel such substantial. Though there are so much hard challenge and painful fail , still we feel about happy and fulfilling. QMEMS established an extraordinary start from here.
         Besides the research, we have summer break trip and annual year-end dinner. In addition to be serious, efficient, serious, clever, we will be relaxed, sports, music , funny. Now pick up your phone, tell the teacher that you want to add , success is yours!

To those who are interested in this laboratory:

         The ideal laboratory in my mind is a continuously innovative and self-tempering research team. I, as a core partner , hope for that new partners can continue to inherit our core value , I will continue to grow and live up to the expectation of lab partners. Our laboratory is a combination of talents in different fields . From teaching to now, I committed to bring science, mechanical, electrical, physical, optical ,and material expertise of personnel into the laboratory, hope that through brainstorm and mutual learning between different expertise to expand the vision of lab partners. And I provide funds to partners actively participate in international meetings to promote partners world view. The last, we establish practical experience through the industry-university cooperation. By a three-ways approach, we would be a pioneer in interdisciplinary research laboratory further applied to the industrial sector, I hope our partners can enhance the "value innovation" standard.

         The land we grow ,Taiwan , now face the pain of industrial restructuring. In the past, we have been proud of the Taiwan experience, which is based on the premise of "short-term profits", "price competition", by using continuously upgrading manufacturing yields and lower production costs to get a bigger market. The end result is a low gross margin of Taiwan manufacturing industry, leading manufacturing factory in Taiwan to move to lower production cost countries. Therefore, the low gross margin industry can not provide employment opportunities, and also can not increase gross national product of Taiwan, where without sufficient natural resources. So, to create value, industrial transformation is essential for Taiwan .

         I deeply hope that the lab partners, whether now or in the future, is able to contribute to Taiwan industrial upgrading efforts. In the next few years, I hope you can find motivation , purpose and social value of your research topic. The only way to understand the meaning of research, you should find the motivation first. So in the future, no matter where you are, you will meet the needs of the individual and society.

        Our lab partner will encourage you to continue to learn, integrate and innovate, and we will continue to invest in you. Your future success will be based on the failure of today, do not fear of setbacks, we will be with you and learn from failure ,and thrive until success.

If your want to join our laboratory, consider the following four questions.

1. Common sense
2. Attitude
3. Achievement (GPA)
4. Intelligence

If you meet the first two, you have the qualifications to join the lab, please contact us.


Professor Andrew Yeh's Quotations

The global financial and economic crisis from 2008 have a very serious impact on Taiwan, the export decline magnitude is the highest in the history of Taiwan. The economic growth rare of Europe and the United States reduce 2-3% , but Taiwan gross export value drop forty percent. Low gross margins, manufacturing-oriented foundry industry is the biggest victim of the economic downturn, however this is the main company of Taiwan. Low-margin and low margin make the company lack a buffer to spent the economic winter . What is more, we suffered for expansive hardware investment because of low capacity utilization, so we are forced to bear the huge equipment loss. Moreover, we still have to pay a large royalty to the patent factory (eg : DRAM industry), because of the lack of core technology. Brand manufactures (eg: ACER ) are more competent in the economic winter, besides, industry with core technology and innovation capability have a better chance of survival. Industry upgrading is not a slogan, and innovation is not just saying. Let us build a dream belong to us and work together to paint a beautiful future for Taiwan .
Expectations to the graduate students
Write by Andrew Yeh @ Oct. 18, 2005


It’s a place to enrich the research capabilities, and try something new and make mistakes would not be punished. We should be serious , but still do not forget to have joys , music, and sports, let us support each other.

Laboratory research

(A) In generate, we respect design and depreciate manufacturing. Because there are so many well-training manufacturing personnel in Taiwan. Value-oriented creative design, will be Taiwan industrial upgrading of the road.
(B) We convert technology and innovation into valuable technologic components and systems in nanoscale.
(C) We prefer cross-integration. So far, there are outstanding students in the field of electrical engineering, physics, electro-optical engineering, and material in this laboratory. We exchange knowledge from different research field to innovation from brainstorming.

Expect you to learn from the lab

(A) Find your personal value through research and innovation.
(B) Inspired self-driven research potential.
(C) How to self-start and implementation of a research project.
(D) Get creative insight.
(E) The exchange of knowledge in different fields.


A simple and fun, often a dilemma when they encounter problems.

The purpose of doing research

Tens of thousands of Taiwanese graduate students, ask yourself: Are you different? What is you value? Where are you interesting ? What you want to learn from research? What research theme is that you want? I think the majority of graduate study in Taiwan are lack of motivation of research, leading to the results of low-value research achievement. Lack of motivation to do the research, only doing your responsibility, nothing about it in the future. Is this what you want? In fact, one can create the value of himself form doing research.

Sequence of research

Motivation, idea , concept, design, Manufacturing, experiment, verification.

Research direction

(A) Push to Extremity : To drive to the unknown horizon and field.
(B) Integration : To meet the need of innovation.
(C) Reduction to Practice: To establish the engineering technology.

Study and discussion

(A) Peer : You should often discuss with graduate student in our laboratory or other laboratory, only genius can do research at home.
(B) Advisor : About the research problems , you should prepare outline before you discuss with me. About the life problems, you can just go on and ask me( my PhD advisor help me very much in children education)
(C) Faculty: You can get different thinking direction by consulting professor in different field or school. (I gained a lot from this route).
(D) Experts : you will get a lot by consulting industry experts, because there are many technology exist in industry for a long time.( I used to consult with them now)


(A) Premise: common sense about life.
(B) Attitude: self-motivated, proactive.
(C) Theme: Advisor designated thesis topic or direction in the most condition, to ensure that graduated in two years.
(D) Schedule: two years (without consultation space).


(A) Premise: common sense about life.
(B) Attitude: self-motivated, proactive.
(C) Theme: find research topic together with advisor in the research field of our laboratory.
(D) Schedule: "non on the service students" must graduate in four and half years, of they would be classified as unqualified( advisor got PhD degree from Cornell University in two years)
(E) Requirements: Participation in at least two more international conferences (laboratory will supplement the travel and the registration fee).

Laboratory meeting
(A) Progress Report: once a week. Report should be about your research and hold short English lecture.
(B) Program Report: once two week. To discuss the difficulties of the projects.

By Andrew Yeh